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Hayley Parker

Hayley is a registered Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work, Diploma and Bachelor of Counselling and Diploma in Mindfulness. I value social justice and integrity and I believe everyone has a reservoir of strengths, resilience and abilities that can be drawn on to facilitate change.

Hayley has experience supporting clients and their families affected by mental health, PTSD and alcohol and drugs, along with children and youth, aged care, veterans, NDIS and disability. I have facilitated Mindfulness groups and Social Emotional Learning groups with children. As a social worker I take a holistic approach and the therapeutic interventions I use to support change are:

* Person-Centred Therapy
* Strength-Based Therapy
* Systems Therapy
* Solution Focused Therapy
* Trauma Informed Therapy
* Mindfulness
* Art and Play Therapy

I strive to encourage self-determination of all people including their families and community. I believe everyone has their own individual traits and I respect people for who they are and what they believe in.
“I believe as one door closes another one opens and I will walk with you through your life journey, not in front and not behind – they are your goals, hopes and dreams”

“Counselling is about being there to guide and support people through a journey of growth and healing”

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