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Deb Parker

Deb Parker is a Medicare-approved therapy provider. As an Accredited Clinical Mental Health Social Worker, Deb has extensive postgraduate training and experience in mental health. She delivers evidence-based psychosocial therapies in a trauma-informed integrative framework including Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioural, Solution-Focused and Acceptance and Commitment Therapies to individuals across the lifespan (14 years old to elderly) and couples.

Deb can assist you if you are experiencing the following:

  • persistently experience low mood or anxiety;
  • have a relationship breakdown;
  • conflict with family, friend or workplace;
  • anger problems;
  • difficulties with career direction;
  • help with re-engaging in the workforce after an accident;
  • feel socially isolated
  • are diagnosed with or suspect you have a mental health disorder or an addiction.

Deb’s holistic approach will ensure that therapy efforts are directed to the area/s of your life that require it the most to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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