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Janelle Lusty

Janelle is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist (Medicare approved provider) with a Masters in Mental Health (Perinatal and Infant).

Janelle has experience working with people across the lifespan including infants, young people and adults with a wide variety of concerns such as trauma, depression, grief, stress, anxiety and eating issues. Janelle works from an attachment and relationship framework while also drawing on neurobiology and current research.

Janelle was drawn to wellness and psychology because of her values to support others, her compassionate nature, and a wish for all individuals to understand their own unique strengths, ability to cope and build their resilience. Janelle is gentle, understanding, and thoughtful with a focus on helping you to feel comfortable and empowered during the therapy process. Janelle is calm and intuitive and able to hold space for personal reflections and insights.

Janelle can provide traditional psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural approaches, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, expressive and creative-based therapies, relaxation, graded exposure, and relationship work. Occupational therapists take a very holistic view of a person which means other factors such as your sensory processing, environment and even your intergenerational history will be taken into consideration when working with you. Janelle will work with you in a way that provides the support you need, ultimately helping you achieve a more meaningful, balanced and fulfilling life.

Janelle is passionate about working with new and expectant parents and their baby. Focusing support during pregnancy can assist with managing mood and anxiety and provide a safe space to explore feelings about the developing unborn baby. Parent-infant (0-3 years old) therapies help to navigate the exciting new parent-child relationship, promote child development, build secure attachment, and increase child resilience.

“In my own life, psychology has helped me to make sense of my thoughts and feelings and taught me to be kinder to myself as I continue to learn and grow”.

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