Be Happy and Don't Worry About Being Sad

Society's cult of happiness is making sad people more miserable, say researchers.

Psychologist Dr Brock Bastian, of the University of Queensland, and colleagues report their findings in the journal Emotion.

"Sometimes promoting happiness creates pressure on people, and that pressure can actually make them more sad," says Bastian.

Psychologists often encourage patients not to fight or judge feelings of sadness or anxiety.

"That acceptance and readiness to feel those negative emotions means you are less likely to amplify them. You experience what they call 'less secondary disturbances'," says Bastian.

Article by Anna Salleh on ABC Science.  Read the full article  

Caffeine Buzzes Boys More than Girls

Caffeine Buzzes Boys More Than Girls
Caffeine has a stronger effect on boys than on girls, finds a new study that zeros in on the drug's health impacts on adolescents.

More kids are consuming more and more caffeinated drinks, but the stimulant's effects on their growing bodies are still largely unknown.

The study, which was published in Behavioural Pharmacology, looked at how consuming caffeinated beverages affected children between 12 and 17 years old. It found that boys would work significantly longer at a computer game to win a caffeinated soda than girls would.

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Do You Suffer from Internet Addiction?

25th July 2009
Do you suffer from Internet addiction?
The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding information, doing business, connecting people. But for some people, using the Internet can become addictive.

Mental health professionals are increasingly seeing Internet users showing classic symptoms of addiction. ABC Radio National Science Show produced a special program on Internet Addiction.  It is a problem here in Australia, but also in other countries such as South Korea, the most densely Internet connected country in the world, where two people died last year from addictive computer use, and increasingly in  China, the single country with the most Internet connections

Are Boys Getting the Message on Good Health

10th July 2009
Are boys getting the message on good health?
Ensuring boys know how to look after their physical and mental wellbeing is an important step towards improving men's health in the long term.

When it comes to men's health, as for so many other things, it's best to start learning good habits young.

At a time when men are leading the health statistics in all the wrong directions - with a higher mortality in just about every health category - the need to help boys become healthy men has particular urgency.

A recent Australian Senate inquiry into men's health has recommended putting programs in place to help boys to take more responsibility for their health. But how do we do it?

More at 'The Pulse', ABC Health and Wellbeing

Do Psychopaths Really Exist

1st October 2009
Do psychopaths really exist?
Psychopaths really do exist, they're just not all out to kill you, says forensic psychologist Paul Wilson.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that corrupt politicians and businessmen, unethical lawyers, some radical activists and many others who may have reached positions of authority or power have psychopathic personalities. And these are the psychopaths we are more likely to encounter or be affected by in our lives.  Read more at

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